Business Plan

Terms & Conditions

1 lakh Accidental Death Coverage Insurance for 1 Year

Minimum Amount For Withdrawl is 500/-, Daily payout will be given. For First pair income, amount will be transferred within three days from the date of pair due to bank restrictions.

I agree to become a business partner of Khwaja life Care and participate in its system.

Don't Spoil the team when you are leaving the company, if found your account will be terminated and company is not responsible for that.

Joining e-product will be delivered within 3 to 7 working days of his/her registration.Delivery Charges will be satring from 150/-

Deduction of T.D.S. 10.33 % as formulated by the Government norms & 4.67% for company service charge, 5 % for admin Charges.

Any technical glitch and server error may lead you discomfort for a while. In such odd hours, customers are requested to bear with the company.

Joining amount is not refundable.

This is not an investment plan.

The Company reserves all rights to suspend or terminate a membership, if found in illegal business practice or refuses to accept any of the Terms and Conditions of the Khwaja life Care.

I have carefully studied and reviewed the entire set of rules and regulations of Khwaja life Care including business plans, Policies and procedures and I am fully convinced of the inherent progress. I have fully read and understand the company’s rules and regulations and hereby agree to abide by the same.

Khwaja life Care is having the complete right to take the decisions at any time as per the situations demanded by the company.

For Franchisee on purchase of pins there will be a discount of Rs 50 on each pin.But a franchisee should have purchased atleast 20 pins.

The Pins or the Products purchased once will not be taken Back.

Trimming Applicable.

Re Purchase Income

  • * On Every Purchase you will get 5-20% Discount on Every Product
  • Level 15 %
  • Level 24 %
  • Level 33 %
  • Level 42 %
  • Level 51 %
  • Level 61 %
  • Level 71 %
  • Level 81 %
  • Level 91 %
  • Level 101 %
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